As one of the region’s largest distributors of news, analysis and commentary, we are aware and proud of our social responsibilities. We know that timely provision of information can not only empower, it can shape and define agendas of a country, region or continent. It is therefore our mission to provide these essential building blocks of development in order to actualise our African dreams: dreams of a thriving and equitable global society, a society of genuine socio-economic empowerment and sustainable development for the continent and its people.


Our Vision

We believe in a confident, mondern and prosperous African continent; a continent not daunted by the hindrances of history but forward-thinking and self-assured in its position as the world’s most diverse, most engaging and most resourceful region.


Our Principles

At IC Publications we ar committed to the core principles of truth, objectivity and independence. We believe that without adhearing to these ideals – both individuallt and corporately – we would fail in our responsibility to educate, inform and enrich the lives of others.


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