For over 45-years New African has been the world’s biggest-selling, English-language pan-African magazine. With our cutting-edge content we bring an African perspective to international reporting on the continent. Inspiring and always enlightening, New African covers real issues often ignored elsewhere and corrects the many misconceptions associated with the continent.

With our in-depth monthly reports, New African brings Africa closer to the world and offers an invaluable window to the globe’s most diverse continent. It is ideal for those looking to gain a better understanding of the most important issues affecting Africa, as well as people needing up-to-date specialist information on political and economic issues.

Each magazine also includes a special monthly report. These reports are an invaluable resource for individuals and business alike as they profile a wide range of issues including election specials, country profiles, sector reports and economic outlooks. They are a vital source of information for anyone wanting to understand the changing nature of politics as well as the emerging opportunities throughout Africa.


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